Sunday, March 13, 2011

The beginning


      This blog is an act of passion. I see, feel, and think things that I want to share with those that want to hear it. I feel like much of the world today lacks this attribute. Your favorite music, movies, and memories were all sparked by passion of some sort. Fear is the antithesis of passion. I see all sorts of people that I am in contact with making fear based decisions. They’re scared of getting judged or what people who are close to them will think. Listen, if we are going to keep making our lives worth living we have to avoid fearing things. Much of the world has become transparent with no substance. In today’s world to believe in something is suicide. If you state what you actually think, you are scrutinized by the general public.
        Case and point: I am Jake Burch. I am Mormon. I believe God exists and Joseph Smith is a prophet. I back up the things the leaders of the church say, even though I don’t understand all of it. I believe how to correctly use condoms should be taught in public schools and abstinence should be taught and reinforced in the home. (I am ready to defend any of these and why at any point in time so talk to me about it if you have questions). These are all true statements about my beliefs. The first reaction to these is to either agree or attack my opinion. The fact is, by a saying these things, I deliberately define myself instead of waiting for others to do so. I do not remain ambiguous. This is an intro to my blog. Be forewarned that it will be filled with my opinions, beliefs, and personal life philosophy. I will not wait for you or anyone else to define my person. I alone will take the responsibility to do so. Here will be posted the feelings of my heart about God, the world, my own personal turmoil. There will be happy moments and sad. I promise not to pretend. The purpose of this blog is to state my view of the world as I see it.
With deep regards
Jake Burch