Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Place of meeting

      I've grown concerned with the lack of human interaction that plagues this society. Just because it is easy to do everything while sitting alone on a coach, does not mean you should. Where are the kids on the street listening to music on a boombox while enjoying each others company? Where are those who go to the record store not just to buy music, but to discuss it and be with people who are like-minded. As we become more and more dependent on the technology and unabashed lazy behavior we can only expect the deterioration of the things we hold dear. Things that are meant to be a means to end are being used as the life force of our social existence. All I can say is this behavior will leave us with nothing but a cheap and shallow existence in the end. To those who choose to fight it and walk the path less traveled, I salute I salute you.

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